Seeing, Capturing and Sharing the Extra in the Ordinary - One Moment at a Time.

Mission Statement:
Somewhere in time we all experience a moment of Light. A moment when the answers to all the question we have ever asked about life and its purpose come into brilliant focus. At that moment, all our training and lifetimes of experiences have meaning and direction. A fire is lit. And once that flame is ignited there is no force on this planet that can extinguish it.

Seeing the the Ordinary started with a simple Brownie Hawkeye, and was a nine year old's first introduction to the wonders of image capturing. Serious use of a camera though, didn’t materialize until university where at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, University of Chicago and Northern Arizona Universities, a camera became a tool to document the detail of short lived subjects for my oils. Over time, these photographic studies began to stand on their own as art so my artistic focus shifted.

My life as an artist has been wonderfully varied. The years have seen solo and group exhibits of my work in Toronto, Seattle, Victoria, New York , Miami, Paris and Salt Spring Island, owning and operating The Artists Gallery in Oakville, Ontario, Bayldon Hall Graphics - a photographic studio - in Toronto and currently Horisong House Studio and the on Salt Spring Island, BC.

My studio photography has been internationally published but at heart I am a nature photographer. I have always lived by the 'Take time to stop and smell the roses'... motto and it shows in what I chooses to share as images. The majority of my work is up close and personal, using macro lenses and hand holding of the camera so that what I present is as close to what I see as I can get. I hope you enjoy.